I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d !
1. Mr. Amri : Good morning students. How are you today ?
Students : ………
A. Nice to meet you, too
B. I am student
C. I am fine
D. How do you do ? 
2. Doni : Father, this is my friend, Mirza
Father: How do you do, Mirza ?
Mirza : …………… 
A. Nice to meet you.
B. I am fine.
C. How do you do ?
D. Not so bad. 
3. …… is Rasulullah’s mother ? His mother is Siti Aminah
A. who 
B. whom 
C.. what 
D. which 
4. Gilang : …….will you come back ?
Andika: Tommorow at 4 o’clock. 
.A. When 
B. Where 
C. Who
D. Why 
5. Boby’s bedroom is very hot. Tomy asks Boby : “……………..”
A. “Close the window !” 
B. “Turn on the fan !” 
C. “Turn off the fan !”
D. “Bring the broom !” 
6. The floor is very dirty. The teacher asks student: “…………….”
A. “Close the window !” 
B. “Turn on the fan !” 
C. “Sweep the floor !”
D. “Sleep on the floor !” 
7. Santi is a nurse. …. works in a hospital
A. He 
B. She 
C.. I 
D. You
8. Nindya and I is very happy, because …… has a new bicycle.
A. They 
B. Their 
C. Our 
D. We 
9. Nova, Bony, and Alex always get ten in English. ………are the clever students
A. Them 
B. They 
C. We 
D. Their 
10. The students have a new computer. …….. computer is in the laboratory.
A Them
B. They
C. We
D. Their 
11. Aisyah ……. many books
A. has 
B. have 
C. is 
D. are 
12. Ali and I …….. a new bicycle
A. has 
B. have 
C. is 
D. are

The question 13 to 15 are based on the following text

To: Mother
Mom, after school we will go to “ Bunda Hospital “ to visit Linda.
So, I will be late to go home.

13. The text above tells us about ….
A. Anita goes home early 
B. Anita go home late
C. Anita goes home late
D. Anita’s mother goes home early 
14. Who is sick ?
A. Anita 
B. Anita’s mother 
C. Linda’s mother
D. Linda 
15. Where does Anita will go ?
A. Anita 
B. Anita’s mother 
C. Linda’s mother
D. Linda

The question 16 to 17 are based on the following text

List of things

- 2 sharpeners
- 2 pencil-cases
- 20 note books
- 1 ruler
- 1 bag
- a pack of paper-clips 

16. Based on list of things above, where we go to buy ?
A. Stationary shop 
B. Grocery shop 
C. Fruit shop
D. Electronic shop 
17. How many kinds of goods are there on the list ?
A. 4 kinds 
B. 5 kinds 
C. 6 kinds
D. 7 kinds 
18. Ismail : how does Adam go to school ?
Isa : ……… to school by bicycle.
A. He go 
B. He going 
C. He goes 
D. He is go 
19. Aminah : Who is that girl, Aisyah ? Is she Khatijah ?
Aisyah : No, she is not. She is Becky
Khatijah is a beautiful girl but Betty is a …………….... girl.
A. ugly 
B. nice 
C. pretty 
D. interesting 
20. Ali : Who is that boy, Umar ? Is he Yunus ?
Umar : No, he isn’t. He is Ferry
Ferry is a lazy boy but Yunus is a ……..………….. boy.
A. naughty 
B. ugly 
C. nice 
D. diligent

II. Answer these questions correctly !
Read the text and answer question number 1 to 5


I will tell you about an animal which I usually see in my garden. It likes to run around my garden. It is a rabbit. It is a male rabbit. I call it Choky.

Choky has two long ears. It also has two yellow eyes. He has soft and grey fur. He likes to jump. He likes to eat carrot. He likes to play in the garden.

1. What is kind of the text above ?
2. What is Choky ?
3. How is Choky’s fur ?
4. Where does Choky like to play ?

5. What does Choky like to eat ? 
1. Complete this dialogue !
6 Ariel : ………………………………... ?
Windy : I am from Bandung

7. Rearrange into good sentence !

In – restaurant – buys – Anis – hamburgers.
8. Change the verb in the brackets into the correct forms !

Mr. Arman always (eat) the fried chicken in the restaurant
9. The antonym of clean is …….
10. The synonym of big is ……..