Understanding Religion In terms (terminology) and Languages ​​(Etymology) Complete

Understanding Religion In terms (terminology) and Languages ​​(Etymology) Complete

a. Etymologically (linguistic)
Deciphering the language of religion from the corner will be easier than deciphering religion from a religious sense of the term because it already contains the term angle subjectivity charge of oang who perceive it. As with the terms of the language, the religious sense in terms of language we can follow include a description given Harun Nasution. According to him, the Indonesian community apart from the word religion, also known as the word "din" from the Arabic language and religious words in European languages. He said that the religion of Sanskrit is composed of two words, namely a = not and gam = go, so religion means do not go, stay in place, inherited from generation to generation. It shows on the one trait that is inherited religion passed down from one generation to another.

Furthermore din in Semitic languages ​​means law or the law. In Arabic this word means master, subdue, obedient, debt, reply, and habits.

The word religion comes from the word relegere which means collecting and reading. Such understanding is also in line with religious contents containing a set way of how to serve the god yan gterkumpul in the scriptures to read, but there also said the meaning of relegere is binding. 

And from some of the following definitions, Harun Nasution finally concluded that the essence contained in the terms above is a bond. Religion is meaningful bonds that must be held and respected man. This bond has a huge impact on the lives of everyday people. Bonding was coming from a higher power than man. A supernatural force that can not be perceived by the senses.

b. The terminology
The religious sense in terms of the term can be expressed as follows. Elizabet nottingham in his religion and society argued that religion is a symptom that is so often found everywhere so it helps businesses our efforts to make a scientific abstraction. More Nottingham say that religion is concerned with man's attempt to plumb the meaning of his own existence and the existence of the universe. Religion has caused the most extensive imagination and is also used to justify the extraordinary cruelty towards others. Religion can generate the most perfect inner happiness and fear and horror. And Durkheim mangatakan that religion is a reflection of social solidarity. Even if assessed, he said, God is actually a creation of society.
source: macamistilah